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Jul 19, 2020

Last week was romance in the time of Covid, and today we talk to my friend about (new) motherhood during a pandemic. We also talk about just how Missouri continues to ridiculously make the news and the value of a used bed pan as well as tackle a concept of a "Pinata Death Tree". Tune in for a great hour with a...

Jul 10, 2020

Few things I detest more in this life than word signs; right up there is the notion that we cannot evolve past our own actions of the past. Join Six Foot Katie The Shady Lady and me as we discuss love in the time of Covid-19.

*Explicit language and topics abound here.....sorry Mom!*


Jul 3, 2020

With all of the chaos worldwide and nationally happening, I finally decided to jump back into the fray and get the thoughts and opinions of my friend Jeff Butler, former Navy SEAL and CIA Field Officer as well as current Fire Department coworker. We tackle the serious issues such as Covid-19 and BLM as well as chime in...