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Dec 12, 2023

Brady Wormington, aka "The Worm", is a former coworker, musician and one of the more interesting cats I've met. If anything, his stories about international travel will be enough to get your passport renewed! Enjoy a longer episode of the show, thanks for tuning in!

Nov 3, 2023

Mike Holmes (aka Mike The Intern) is an absolute treasure trove of so much knowledge.....from Japanese album covers to KC Chiefs minutiae, from conspiracy theories about Ohio's "trash" reputation to the anti-Semitism of Roger Waters, if it's a subject of interest, he's well-versed. We hit it all in this fun romp,...

Oct 27, 2023

On a fun and sloshy romp, Six Foot Katie The Shady Lady and I talk about all things innocuous, from removing a bondage kit from your bedroom before your folks come over to what are the things that make you go "ick" about people. She is NOT a fan of jorts, dating profile pics taken from "below" and I am not a fan...

Oct 20, 2023

With all of the chaos going on in Israel and Gaza, I invited Jeff Butler back for the 657th time to try and break down some of the backstory as to what is going on; of course, there are no "easy" answers, but he does a fantastic job of explaining some of the baseline issues. We also discuss a leaderless House...

Sep 14, 2023

Lane Walden is a retired firefighter from the Springfield Fire Dept. who has a unique perspective on just about everything. In this episode we discuss his early years, the Academy at "The Turdatorium", working out of old firehouses and the importance of some traditions while flying the middle finger to busywork.